Marketing & Promotion

In the competitive world we live in today, promotional and advertising material is an invaluable tool to any company that is looking to win business and increase its customer base. Such material can significantly Ken Reid increase a company’s profile and help build its brand identity. Developing and formulating promotional and marketing strategies is an important aspect of business, and therefore requires careful management.

Promotional material can take on several different forms that can either be used on their own or collectively as part of an overall strategy. At Ardagh Consultants we believe that all promotional and marketing material should capture the very essence of your business and communicate to its target audience an affinity with your products and brands. All marketing material, from websites to company profiles, should help you convey professionalism as well as expanding your existing markets. Our experts Martin Connollycan assist clients in determining strategies to follow as well as helping to identify and develop potential new markets and opportunities.

Ardagh Consultants will take the lead inproducing the materials for a marketing and promotional campaign by looking after the design, preparation and maintenance of the following:-

  • High quality website design
  • Design and production of printed promotional material
  • Comprehensive company profiles and details
  • High quality and professional promotional DVDs
  • High tech electronic business cards
  • PowerPoint presentations for specific marketing
  • Delivery of presentations